Allow us to briefly describe some of our favorite activities to incorporate in your itinerary. Most activities are available in any province, all come highly recommended, and we welcome requests that stray outside what we have listed below.

Music moves the soul and defines generations. Classical, folk, and modern Chinese music can be experienced throughout the country in a variety of settings. From private seatings and lessons to operas and teahouse performances, the sounds of the nation will touch your spirit and enrich your understanding of one of the most pervasive and long reaching facets of Chinese culture.

Whether you're a theatre aficionado, a performer yourself, or enjoy dinner and a show, there are performances across China that will romance your soul and astound your eyes while engendering a deeper understanding of the culture of Chinese theater. Folk and acrobatic performances initiate a connection with many Chinese subcultures. Parades pull you into holiday festivities while Broadway caliber shows, such as The Legendary Kung Fu, captivate audiences of all ages.

Harness your creativity as you participate in ancient artistic traditions, such as kite making, pottery throwing and painting, calligraphy, and paper-cutting. As you apprentice with skilled masters, their abilities will humble and their patience amaze you as they graciously instruct you in the creation of your own masterpiece.

For the athlete, the wild at heart, or the family drawing closer to nature, China offers a variety of opportunities to participate in ancient fitness routines, explore picturesque landscapes, and study native flora and fauna. Whether you want to engage in the art of Kung Fu, ride horses, raft a wild river, or bike around the countryside, we can make it happen.

You cannot truly understand and befriend a society until you have spent time with the people that define it. Visits to local schools, play-dates and dumpling-making with Chinese peers, and home visits will connect you on a deeper level with the Chinese. Such meaningful exchanges of our varied cultures make our heart-felt similarities more apparent and appreciated. Orphanage visits are also available.

Everyone wants to try authentic Chinese cuisine, but for the gourmet, we offer the chance to learn how to make traditional Chinese dishes. Most importantly, we tailor choice of cuisine to your family's liking.

If there is something in particular you want to have included in your itinerary, let us know. We will build it for you.