Robin has his Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. He is the loving father of Jane, adopted from China, and partnered with his wife, CJ, to co-found “A Bridge to China.” Robin is the in charge of the daily operations of the company and has been providing specialty and custom travel services since the incorporation of World Odysseys, since 1994, at which time he also took over the reins of Arctic Odysseys, which was founded in 1976. Robin, through World Odysseys, Inc. and its divisions, A Bridge to China and Arctic Odysseys, has established Honor Role record membership in the Better Business Bureau. Robin and his family have traveled extensively throughout China and other countries around the world.

C.J. (Carol Jean)

C.J. earned her Juris Doctorate from Seattle University with a Bachelor’s Degree in business management. She is a prosecuting attorney by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. C.J. visualized “A Bridge to China” and, with Robin, made it a reality. C.J. enjoys a key role in making design decisions and creating marketing strategies for “A Bridge to China,” as well as keeping abreast of the company’s daily operations.


Joni received her Bachelor’s Degree in history from Trinity Western University in Vancouver, B.C. Joni works on a variety of projects for both divisions of World Odysseys, Inc.: A Bridge to China and Arctic Odysseys. Joni uses her creativity and talent to research and write copy for brochures, web sites, and itineraries. As the company’s “Jack-of-all-trades,” she also spends a portion of her time answering phones, maintaining web sites, responding to inquiries, and searching for pens that mysteriously disappear from her desk after dusk. Joni is Jane’s first, long-time nanny, who Robin and C.J. later hired to help with World Odysseys, Inc. long after her nanny days. Joni is now the loving mother of two children.


Kaybie has her Masters Degree in Higher Education from Ohio University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in history and fine arts, attending Antioch University and University of Pittsburgh. Kaybie has been with the company for 9 years and her position is indescribable – she, like Joni, does everything, including feeding the resident office cat, Cepa. Kaybie is in charge of daily operations when Robin & C.J. are traveling. Kaybie is Jane’s surrogate grandmother.


Huizhong was born in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution, and grew up in a family of historians, publishers, and academics who taught her that love, honesty, education, and family values are essential ingredients to a happy and fulfilling life. Huizhong has university degrees from Beijing and continued post-graduate studies in World and Art History in America. Since 2001, she has taught Chinese Culture and Language to U.S. students, and in particular, families who have adopted children from China. Her curricula includes Chinese Language, Art, Festivals, and Music. Her close association as a teacher and friend with adoptive families of Chinese children inspired Huizhong to return to China 2006 to head up A Bridge to China’s programs, bringing individual and group tours/cultural experiences to Western families who desire a deeper cultural understanding of China.


Wayne is Mr. Zhang Jian Qiang's chosen English name. Wayne was born and grew up in a mountain village in Henan Province, China. After graduating from a teacher’s college in 1984, he left his hometown and became a physics teacher at a high school in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In 1992, he undertook a major career change, became a certified National Tour Guide, and began leading English-speaking tourists on expeditions in western China, including mountaineering in Tibet, as well as on grand tours throughout China. Wayne believes that the purpose of life is to be blessed and to bless others. Hence, in addition to his guide work, he is involved in assisting poor, disabled, and homeless orphans. In the early 1990’s, Wayne was instrumental in assisting a U.S. family adopt a son in Urumqi, the first “foreign adoption” in Xinjiang Province. He has since helped other adoption families from the U.S. and U.K. to visit the orphanage from where their child was adopted.

Why Us? Salient reasons that make A Bridge to China™ truly unique:

- 30 years experience developing, organizing, and operating custom travel to remote parts of the world, including specialty China tours since 1998.

- A Beijing office and satellite office in Urumqi, where our full time, Chinese born and resident staff are based.

- Hand-selected guides who understand and cater specifically to families and individual needs.

- No cookie cutter mindset except when we make cookies – our programs are customized and specifically tailored for families and/or individuals, without the trappings of typical group tours.

-Trips designed to instill a deep understanding of Chinese heritage and culture through “behind the scenes” access and personal exchange. Our contacts enable special access to certain exhibits, archeological sites, and regions that are otherwise inaccessible to China’s visitors.

-Established relationships with true Masters of indigenous fine arts, martial arts, archaeology and history, and sport throughout China and Tibet. These Masters are not simply at the top of their field of expertise, they are hand-picked by A Bridge to China™ and able to connect warmly with children and adults alike, sparking enjoyable and lasting learning experiences and impressions.

- Wide range of activities, pursuits, and destinations from which you can choose, but if specific desires are not on the list, simply ask; if it is possible, we can make it a reality. We listen to your desires and design an itinerary that reflects your individual or family’s interests, talents, and cultural pursuits.