Welcome.  We invite you to explore our website and learn how we can make your custom China tour truly memorable by immersing you in custom cultural and heritage trips and exchanges. We give you the opportunity to build a bridge of your own to China, with unequaled experiences that take you behind the scenes, allowing you to engage and bond with the Chinese people. We have built relationships with true Masters of indigenous fine arts, martial arts, archaeology and history, and sport throughout China including Tibet. These Masters are not simply at the top of their field of expertise, they are hand-picked by A Bridge to China™ and able to connect warmly with children and adults alike, sparking enjoyable, lasting, and learning experiences and impressions. We listen to your desires and design a custom itinerary that reflects your unique interests, talents, and cultural pursuits.

Embark on a true cultural and heritage tour with us, and it will be one that you cherish forever. Thank you for exploring our site.

A Journey of Reflection

Please call or contact us by email to receive a copy of our brochure and to begin discussing options for your custom China tour. We look forward to helping you plan a truly meaningful and cultural trip, reflective of your unique interests.


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“I’ve been traveling a lot and I’ve never dealt with a tour company as professional as yours. Believe me, it takes a lot to impress me and I just wanted to thank you.” DR